yoga. ReCHARGE

yoga. ReCHARGE

February 26

🔜 FB LIVE on FEBRUARY 26 we will be hosting a qualified yoga teacher Svetlana Avagyan, who will be talking about yoga and the possible trends of transformation.

🔴 The following points will be discussed:

   ◾ What should the yogis learn?
   ◾ What are the most valued skills for the yogis?
   ◾ What to expect?

🧘 Svetlana is a qualified yoga teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience. She specializes mainly in rehabilitation and therapy yoga and yoga for women, pregnant women, and children. She is the Founder and senior teacher at Luys Yoga Studios. Co-author and facilitator of a training course designed specifically for air yoga teachers.

🔷 Organizer, facilitator and assistant teacher of internationally qualified yoga teachers’ training programs in Armenia.

🟨 The only representative of the Indian Kashmir Shaivism Yoga School in Armenia. Participant of the cooperation programs with the Government of India and organizer and host of a series of “International Yoga Day” events in Armenia.

📢 A dedicated yoga student, practitioner with almost 12 years of experience.

🔴🔵🟠 The Conversation will be hosted by Arpi Karapetyan ( in Armenian.

❗Join us on February 26 at 19:00 (AMT) on Facebook LIVE.


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