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we bring change

we bring change

we bring change

To People and business

To People and businesses

to people and business

we aim for
precision and perfection

Our process is fundamentally based upon on scrupulousity and perfectionism. We methodically seek out trends and causalities in each given scenario and exploit them to bring about change and evolution

we treat each case


Every single case is a different story that we deal with. We realize that common/standard approach is not what we promise but being very specific and individual, acting according to the case history, context and values is what we deliver every time.



about us

We are a team of HR experts and professionals devoted to our goal of assisting and helping our clients to adapt to rapidly changing environment and equipping them with innovative and flexible tools and solutions for their business growth. As a pioneer in the field of HR consulting services, we are the only company in Armenia that offers one-stop complex HR management services and consulting. As a credible and trusted business partner for our clients, we provide a comprehensive set of customized solutions and stand alone or packaged turnkey HR services tailored to their specific needs.    Whether it’s workforce planning, change management or complete reconstruction/reorganization of the company, we are there to help our clients identify correctly, prioritize and systemize their needs and address them with professionally designed and most rational solutions. We unite people, create an enabling environment for a positive change and guide our clients through the whole process.

our story

Founded in 2008, Cascade People & Business evolved into one of the leading HR service providers in Armenia and continues to grow by expanding its work in the region.

We are passionate about transforming your business and creating value that lasts. We achieve that through discovering the hidden potential of your company and detailed engineering of the change that transforms your business and aligns it with your vision.

Our passion for innovation, change, growth and outstanding results fostered a culture that is never satisfied with anything less than the best.

We sustainably excel in our business, because we: 

Constantly work on adapting and implementing best international (western) practices to local specifics

Have a great portfolio of successful projects and extensive practical experience

Work individually (face-to-face) with our clients to come up with the most rational, innovative and client-tailored strategies

and, yes… we bring change!

join the team

Join us if you align with our mission to bring change, if you are brave enough to share our passion for innovation and if you are never satisfied with anything less that the best



Founder and Managing Partner www.arpikarapetyan.com

Human resource management is about people and about building success through people. Once this becomes a value, all the rest- systems, structures, policies, charts, and procedures come with it naturally. The human being has unlimited potential, incredible capacities of self-knowledge and self-development. After all successful years of operations, we declare- when you don’t lose focus and believe in the best outcome, then all impossible things become possible, and the most challenging scenarios become incredible movies. The only thing you need – is to pick the right keys. And yes… we bring change