• 🔸 40% of employees say their managers fail to frequently have honest conversations about work topics
  • 🔸 1 In 3 workers say their manager can’t lead a team
  • 🔸 28% of HR professionals’ time is spent addressing problems caused by poor People Managers

PMQ (People Manager Qualification) is an SHRM leadership training program for brand-new managers or already leaders of a team that features scenario-based learning practices. It is a unique, interactive virtual learning experience designed to develop critical skills to manage effectively and transparently. PMQ teaches people managers to empower teams, transform workplaces, and cultivate a high-performing staff. Equally educational and entertaining, PMQ is an experience unlike any other.

With PMQ you will navigate the highs and lows and acquire the advice, tips, and tools you would need to boost your confidence, reflect on your performance, and learn to see your team members through new eyes.

The SHRM PMQ breaks the e-learning mold by using entertainment to educate. Like your favorite on-demand series, the SHRM PMQ pulls learners in with engaging characters, problem-solving and judgmental scenarios, and workplace challenges.

3 seasons | 30 episodes | eLearning

With PMQ, the People Managers will pick up dozens of practical, “real-world” skills needed to be successful team leaders in today’s workplace.

The complete learning experience is self-paced. There will be a 12-month window to complete the PMQ learning experience, including the final assessment.

These skills include developing talent, managing the performance of others, retaining top talent, strategy, hiring and firing, and having crucial conversations.

PMQ content covers the full range of fundamental people management competencies, including:

  • 🔸 Communication
  • 🔸 Relationship

  • 🔸 Management
  • 🔸 Emotional Intelligence

  • 🔸 Delegation
  • 🔸 Conflict Management

  • 🔸 Diversity & Inclusion
  • 🔸 Performance Management

At the end of each season, you’ll take a self-paced assessment (called “Season Finale”). When you pass the assessment, the next season will be unlocked. After successfully completing all three seasons, you will take the final cumulative dynamic behavioral assessment (called “Series Finale”).

PMQ tackles the challenge head-on – transforming people managers into self-aware models of positive workplace culture. What makes the PMQ so unique?

  • 🔸 Gamification element, in which learners follow the story of a group of friends embarking on their people manager issues
  • 🔸 Credentialed managers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle may people manager issues and lead their team
  • 🔸 Gain organizational credibility
  • 🔸 Address adult learners’ styles
  • 🔸 Roleplay scenarios to put learnings into practice

Globally Recognized Certificate and a Digital Badge mark the completion of the learning journey!



of participants say the program is helpful for learning about people management



overall satisfaction rate from those who completed the PMQ



of learners found the PMQ program very engaging



feel they have gained confidence and are now fully equipped to manage a team

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