Development Programs

development programs

Develop your company’s human potential to the full, equip your personnel with required skillset and manage the performance to ensure that your goals are being achieved. We offer a wide variety of development programs, individual and team, including international certification programs in HR management and coaching. Our exclusive training and certification programs will allow you to develop your team and to take it to the next level.

Individual and team coaching

Whether you are a young professional trying to define your career path or a seasoned executive dealing with issues related to managing your own team, our experienced coaching professionals will help you enhance your potential, define your values and goals, become more effective and reach fulfillment in your life and your career. Our team coaching provides breakthrough results helping to identify the problems within the teams and to find unique solutions for every team. We help to build efficient and resilient teams where the potential is maximized and the team spirit is present.

Performance management programs

Performance management programs are specifically designed to plan and monitor the performance appraisals and to facilitate the performance appraisal interviews along with the discussion of results and individual development plans. Our programs help to provide feedback in a constructive way and to develop your human potential to the full.

Professional and personal development certificate programs

We offer a range of training programs for professional development in the areas of Human Resources Management (10 steps to Human Resource Management) and other programs. Our 10 Steps program is run by trainers who have extensive practical experience with progressive companies in Armenia. The program is highly interactive and adjusted to the Armenian market with its challenges and specifics. This unique course specifically covers important areas of HR Management. The course requires completion of an online assessment at the end of the training. Certificates are granted upon the successful completion of the course. Just when you realize that hard knowledge by itself is not sufficient to advance in your career, when you feel the need to rethink your values, priorities and goals and find a key to success, our carefully designed training covering a comprehensive set of soft skills comes to help. This unique 7 step course is specifically designed to develop such important skills as communication, conflict management, time management, stress management, motivating others, decision making and coaching. By the end of the course you will become more self-aware, socially aware and will be equipped with tools for better self-management and relationship management. Those are the most important building blocks of Emotional Intelligence, which according to many recent publications is one of the main prerequisites of success in personal and professional life.

International Certification Programs

Take your career to the next level with our exclusive certification programs. We offer an opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized professional certification in Human Resources Management and Coaching. The courses are run in accordance with internationally approved standards. Learn more about the highest standard of HR qualification worldwide – SHRM international HR Certification. Upon the successful completion of the course, you will become certified professionals in respective fields, which will make them more competitive not only in Armenia but also in the international market.

Thanks to this, more than 50 professionals became internationally accredited and recognized. Now, around 30 specialists are on their path of becoming SHRM certified.

Management Development Programs

Great managers are not born, they are made. Our management development programs will equip you with management skills, competencies and knowledge that are required in today’s complex and constantly changing environment. We train managers to lead with confidence, make timely decisions and engage their teams to achieve better results.  

Team Integration Programs

Our team integration programs will help to create effective and result oriented team spirit, unify your team around common goals, help the team members to understand each other, identify team strengths and challenges and show how they can leverage them for the benefit of the organizational/corporate goals.