Conversation on Career Orientation. Episode #1

Conversation on Career Orientation. Episode #1

May 1

🔉 In this fast-evolving and unpredictable world, we are here to provide you with the tools and knowledge on career orientation, so that you and the others choose the right path, since tomorrow you will be the ones creating and leading this world.

🔉 Cascade People & Business continuing its social responsibility programs and the road of professional Webinars, has come up with a new SERIES of WEBINARS on DIFFERENT CAREER ORIENTATION PROGRAMS WORLDWIDE, where we will be hosting people from all corners of the world․

🤵 And our first guest is Vyacheslav Kan, who is a successful Entrepreneur and Founder of the first and only career orientation center in Uzbekistan called MyWay. Besides, he is the co-founder of project and Founder of (now

🔶 The Conversation is hosted by Arpi Karapetyan in Russian.

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