software development. ReCHARGE

software development. ReCHARGE

July 31

🔜 FB LIVE on JULY 31 we will be hosting Artashes Mkrtchyan, the Founder and CEO of, who will be talking about software development and the possible trends of transformation.

🔴 The following points will be discussed:

   ◾ What should the software developers learn?
   ◾ What are the most valued skills for a software developer?
   ◾ What to expect after the outbreak?
   ◾ What skills should software developers develop to keep up with the current trends?

👨‍💼 Artashes has more than a 10-year professional background as a performance-driven Senior Project Manager skilled in leading successful product launches, promotions, and development teams.

👨‍💻 Artashes is a results-oriented Business Analyst with more than 5 years of experience across information technology and start-up business environment.

✅ Artashes is an Executive leader with more than 7 years’ background dedicated to bringing organizations to the next phase of growth and development. He is seeing the “big picture” while still also focusing on the details.

➡ The Conversation will be hosted by Arpi Karapetyan ( in 🇦🇲 Armenian.

❗Join us on July 31 at 19:00 (AMT) on Facebook LIVE.


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