Internal Communication

Audits and internal communication strategies

A thorough analysis of internal communication is the first step towards the development and implementation of a future strategy. The clearer we understand point “A”, the clearer the plan for achieving the indicators of point “B”.

Our team undertakes this step on a turnkey basis by:

  • channels and systemizing processes
  • developing communications strategies and media plans
  • formulating EVP and corporate values
  • helping build an HR brand and a corporate culture
  • conducting employee engagement and awareness surveys
  • conducting audits of VKontakte

Then, for developing a strategy, we can provide consulting support on:

  • facilitation and strategic sessions
  • methodological support
  • interviews with the tops and employees
  • focus groups

We can also conduct additional research on:

  • employee pulse surveys
  • employer brand perception
  • voice of the customer (internal customers)
  • satisfaction and engagement index
  • employee journey audits

Internal communication channels: corporate websites, email marketing, corporate media, SMM

Communication channels are the main tool for broadcasting values and tone of voice, exchanging information and collecting feedback from employees.

We can help you with the creation of any digital tool:

  • Sites
  • Chatbots
  • Mobile applications
  • Screensavers
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Corporate media
  • SMM in marketing and HR

About the Expert

Iolanta Sarkisyan has 18+ years of experience in managing internal communications, building cooperative culture, and in HR marketing.

She is:

  • an HR marketing and Internal Communications expert
  • an author of motivational educational programs in the field of corporate culture and HR marketing
  • a consultant, trainer, active member, and moderator of industry communities and conferences on Internal Communications
  • a co-author of HR projects that became laureates of Head Hunter’s HR Brand Award
  • a speaker of online and offline conferences
  • a jury member and consultant of awards in the fields of corporate culture and Employer branding, including Intercomm, HR Brand, Golden Puzzle, Silver Ray, etc.
  • the founder and CEO of the “Brand Lovers” communication agency