Employee Engagement

Employee engagement programs: wellbeing, gamification, adaptation and motivation

Employee engagement is one of the main tasks of internal communications and HR. Only an engaged employee will be maximally effective in the workplace and become a real ambassador of the company within and outside.

Significant amounts of resources are needed to create the right environment to increase employee engagement.

Together – we can develop:

  • well-being programs
  • gamification
  • employee adaptation programs
  • recognition programs
  • value promotion and employer brand programs
  • ambassador programs
  • mentoring projects

Employee training and development: training assistance programs for all employees

By developing its employees, a company develops itself. Every HR person knows this.

Employee development programs, corporate academies and internal training are all integral parts of working with staff and are an indicator of comprehensive care and support of employees.

We already have experience working on such projects. Not only does my team include competent methodology developers, but for many years I have been recognized as an expert practitioner and speaker at various conferences and forums, as well as a lecturer in the HR faculty.

We can get involved in the development of any electronic course, training program or master class on various internal corporate topics.

About the Expert

Iolanta Sarkisyan has 18+ years of experience in managing internal communications, building cooperative culture, and in HR marketing.

She is:

  • an HR marketing and Internal Communications expert
  • an author of motivational educational programs in the field of corporate culture and HR marketing
  • a consultant, trainer, active member, and moderator of industry communities and conferences on Internal Communications
  • a co-author of HR projects that became laureates of Head Hunter’s HR Brand Award
  • a speaker of online and offline conferences
  • a jury member and consultant of awards in the fields of corporate culture and Employer branding, including Intercomm, HR Brand, Golden Puzzle, Silver Ray, etc.
  • the founder and CEO of the “Brand Lovers” communication agency